Friday, June 4, 2021

Life List Item #26: Go Sailing

This one has been on my list for many years (more than 10) and it was kinda a surprise that it happened. When spending time in Camden, Maine, Jason and I were planning out the short amount of time we had there. When Jason mentioned that getting out on the water was a priority of our trip, I figured I'd do it because he wanted to. We walked to the harbor to see where the boats come and go. There were a couple of companies with tables there advertising their short cruises. Turned out we walked up to one that had a tour leaving in a half hour and it was $50 per person to sail for two hours. With our great luck in timing, we booked our tickets on the Schooner Surprise. Turned out there were only two other couples with tickets for this ride, so it seemed like it would be a pretty low key ride. 

This is when I started to get very excited. For a reason beyond me, I didn't even think about sailing on this trip and I seemed to have long forgotten about this life list item. But as the gravity of the situation was becoming more clear, I was going to be out on the water, in a boat, with sails, I realized I was going to be checking off a dream that day! 

Our time on the water was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather, it was cool and fresh as we cut through the air. I learned so much about the boat as our captain shared the information about her. She was built in 1918 and had gone through six owners in her lifetime. Hearing about the craftsmanship that goes into crafting sailboats, I walked away with a newfound respect for them as a work of art. 

It felt tranquil out on that water. It was long enough and not long enough. Looking at the mansions lining the coastline, I was momentarily dreaming about being from a wealthy New England family and living in one of those homes, having our own boat. (I have since come back to Earth!) 

It was one of the more memorable times of our trip. The sights and sounds of that experience were relaxing and serene. 

We ended up heading over to the Mount Battie trail head right after our sail. Another one of Camden's must do activities. I had heard the trail up the small mountain was just one mile round trip, so I didn't expect much difficulty for us. I wasn't prepared for all the climbing on rock and scrambling across them. We both were not prepared with the right footwear, water, or anything else for this hike, but we made it through. It was more difficult of a hike that I had envisioned, but fun nonetheless and the views were spectacular. 

Our time in Camden was made even more special by the beautiful bed and breakfast we stayed in, the Elms of Camden. We were hosted by a great couple, had a tranquil, private room, and had a delicious breakfast in the morning. For my first bed and breakfast experience I was left with an amazing impression. It was fun getting to stay in an old colonial home.