Sunday, February 10, 2019

Life Coaching: Creating a business

When I began my life coaching course, training on how to form a business came along with it. For the past six months I have been slowly chipping away at the details that come with building your own business. Since I've given myself so much time, I've been able to do this in manageable chunks, which aren't intimidating when you tackle them step-by-step. Here is what I have so far:

August-November 2018-Generated at least 15 business name ideas. Kept a running list and finally landed on what I really loved "Collaborative Coaching." Commissioned an old friend, a professional graphic designer, to create a business logo. Went to a free workshop on how to start a small business. Decided I wanted to use the limited liability corporation or, LLC structure for my business. 

December 2018-Decided on a platform to build a website and began building. Secured a domain name and paid for one year of web service. Began laying down ideas for marketing strategies and pricing options.

January 2019-Found out that my business name was not available in the Michigan Database of registered LLCs. (Tip-Do this search before you get connected with a business name!) Whined about it for a while, then went back to my list of 15  names and chose another one I liked: Cocreative Life Coaching. Deciding to change my name meant I had to have my logo design working out again. Additionally I chose a website domain name based on my first choice name, so I had to take steps to change that. Began using Quickbooks accounting software to track the few business expenses I had. Began getting creative with some marketing materials I would like to have printed.

February 2019-Applied for my LLC status through the state of Michigan. Filed out a form, paid a $50 fee, and popped it in the mail. I did some online research to find this information and to be sure I was doing it right, but overall found it to be a very easy process. Filed for my employer identification number (EIN). Wrote my business polices and client contract. Had it looked over by a lawyer

March 2019- I will open up my business checking account. I want to take a month to reflect on my six month training course, tie up loose ends with details of my business, and finalize my marketing materials.

April 2019-Want to be open for business and begin taking paid clients.

Even though I will be this business's only employee, this hasn't been a one-person effort thus far. I'd like to mention some people who have helped me along the way.

Sara Cash-for always being supportive of my ideas and also for suggesting a lawyer to me.
Greg Carter-for creating my logo.
Tom Cash-for being supportive and also helping me recreate my logo.
Dawn Cenowa, Halle Arehart, Alexa Markham, and Heidi Clark-for being my practice clients.
Rebecca McClusky-for looking over my contract for me.
Lynae Arehart-for looking over my marketing materials with a fine toothed comb.