Monday, January 14, 2019

What's the Greatest Compliment You've Received

If you ever catch the John Tesh Radio Show, you’ll find that he gives simple yet intuitive pointers that can be super useful. A long time ago I learned from him a great question to ask someone that you are just getting to know.

What is the greatest compliment you've ever received?

That person’s answer can reveal what they value most whether they mention is was something about their looks, their personality, or their character, so on.When answering the question for myself, mine is as follows. 
You have a great energy about you.
I wasn't doing anything particularly energetic at the time, just being myself. When I got this compliment, I thought wow, this person has observed something very important about me. 

I think when we receive a compliment when someone hits the nail on the head, it feels particularly good. This was a compliment about something that was below surface level and an observation about how I truly want to be seen. I think sometimes we really get excited when someone sees us in exactly the way we are trying to get across. Sometimes we aren’t sure if we are successful in showing people who we are. When someone sees it, it feels truly validating. 

For me, I do want to portray a good energy. A calming one, a positive one, one that makes people feel good. In just an extremely short time, this person saw that. 

What’s the greatest compliment you’ve been given?