Monday, March 5, 2018

30 Days of Women's History

For this month's 30-day challenge instead of giving something up, I'm adding something to my daily life. In a flash of inspiration I decided I wanted to research one new woman from history each day. It began on the night of March 1st, when I watched a documentary called Brave Miss World.  Former Miss Israel and Miss World, Linor Abargil became my first women researched. 

I've created an icon on my phone's home screen to a page listing dozens of women with amazing stories throughout history. Each morning, shortly after waking up, I choose a women I don't know much about and read a short bio on her. 

After five days, here are the women I've learned more about:

1. Linor Abargil- Former Miss World who survived a brutal rape and turned to public speaking on the issue. 

2. Sappho- archaic Greek poet, known as one of the first female writers. 

3. Boudica- Leader of ancient Britons who helped lead rebellions against Roman rule. 

4. Mirabai- 16th century Hindu poet and devotee to Sri Krishna. 

5. Margaret Fuller- 19th century journalist and women's rights activist.