Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rude Meets Rude for an Unhappy World

The other day I was stressed for no real reason at all. Since I was stressed, I was feeling very irritable. I only have days like this once in a while and I just liken it to waking up on the wrong side of the bed. 

I went to Polly's Country Market to return some bottles and cans for the deposit money. The machine told me that it wouldn't take many of the ones I had, because the store did not carry that brand. I figured I could try taking them inside to see if there was anything the cashier could do for me.

Apparently she wasn't having the best day either. She reiterated what the machine said and told me I would have to take them back to where I bought them. Now it's difficult to convey tone while typing, but she didn't greet me with the friendliest of spirits. No smile, no apology, just the facts. 

Since I was particularly on edge I decided that since she was rude to me, she deserved to be rude to as well. This only meant that I walked away with out saying thank you and never cracked a smile, but  for me that's rude. The malice was there in my heart. The intent was to not give her any respect.

Since this is not a normal sentiment I take and I wasn't proud of the negativity I felt. Typically I will just let things like that roll of my back. But I got to thinking; 

What about people who walk around like this all the time?  

Later that afternoon I had to stop in the Comcast store to ask a question about my Internet service. Still stuck in my head in my own bad mood, I didn't expect great things about about my encounter.  The receptionist took my name and informed me I'd have to wait. Still not ready to be nice I walked off and found a place to camp out. After about 10 minutes, the receptionist came up to me at my seat and started a conversation. In that moment I made a quick choice to notice and appreciate her kindness. I made a conscious effort to let that wall I'd put up, break down. 

To sum up my point, I know that some people walk around with malice in their heart and stress on their mind, all the time. I am not one of those people. I got a firsthand look about how living with that perspective can effect others and in turn, effect you. They always say "kill them with kindness" and now I believe that more than ever. If my mood was effected so easily by two different womens' attitudes, you never know how many other moods can be effected that way.