Thursday, September 28, 2017

Working Girl

I ended my last week of work in Japan in late July this summer. I had a few more weeks left to prepare my apartment for my successor and pack my things to prepare to move back home. Once I got there I had about four weeks to rest, relax, re-acclimate, and look for a way to earn a living. In that time I talked to people I knew, applied for a few jobs online, and really thought about how I would be wanting to spend my time. I was planting seeds that I would later hopefully reap the benefits from. 

Now I'm proud to say I am fully employed at multiple hot spots in the lovely downtown Jackson!

JTV-Director of First Impressions

I'm working at the front desk two days per week. I greet guests that come in for the daily, live Bart Hawley Show. I make them comfortable in the green room before they go on for their interview. I also get to do some writing for their website! I'm having a lot of fun and it's never a dull moment at JTV. People are nice, fun, interesting, and the staff has welcomed me in as a member of the family very quickly!

P&T Fitness (Pedal and Tour)

I am working with this downtown bike shop, to help George the owner, with some office tasks such as payroll, accounting, and inventory flow. I've worked in this building before, only as the director of the Fitness Council of Jackson, where our office was located. This time, I'm working with George. Not a lot has changed and the good times keep on rolling. The day is not complete without a little playing ball with our shop dog Libby, being snuck up on a scared by one of the guys, or having a good belly laugh with George.

  • Otherwise I am still trying to find some more students to tutor in English on a one-on-one basis.
  • Looking into other side work as a tour guide at a Jackson landmark. 
  • Though it doesn't pay me, this blog and my YouTube channel are things that give me great joy to work on. I want to be sure to have enough time to create content for them.