Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Civil War Muster: Dancing as a Lady

During the second half of my Civil War day I got to live a completely different life. In order to live out a girlhood dream of mine, I had secured two dresses and two hoop skirts of the Civil War era fashions for my and one of my best friends Dawn to wear to the military ball. Dawn had been following me around all day, taking pictures and videos and getting a behind the scenes look at being a soldier. However now, the both of us together got to dress as ladies and went to dance at the ball. 

At the ball we surely had a ball! For about 90 minutes prior to it we participated in a workshop where we learned some Civil War era dances and got some practice in. This was a lot of fun and while the dances could be a little complex, with a little bit of repetition we had it down well. Dancing in a floor length dress with a large hoop skirt underneath was a very fun challenge. I kept stepping on it, as it was a tad too long, but over time I learned how to pick it up but still have  a good time dancing.

I knew I wanted to take part in the Civil War Muster because it would be an interesting thing to do and it would be a fun time. All the years I had witnessed this event as an outsider, I was thrilled to experience it up close and personal. I didn't exactly expect to having feelings of sadness for the real men and women who fought this cruel and senseless war. I thought about our crippled and fragile nation, the humans being torn apart by brutal weapons, and lives that people had to give up to settle some differences in opinions and lifestyle.