Friday, April 7, 2017

Hosting My Parents

For my first and only visitors to my home in Japan I hosted my parents. As they geared up for their far, international travel, I geared up to receive them. I made lists and itineraries, filled my cupboard with familiar foods, and cleaned my apartment to convert it into a motel for a week's time. I spent a lot of time thinking about where we should go and what we should do. In the end, I'm happy with how everything worked out.

I picked up my parents from the airport nearest my town in the evening of their first day. We started with a sake toast and soon got to work on experiencing Japanese culture. In the first couple of days I took them to downtown Kanazawa, where we experienced cultural gems like the Samurai district, Oyama Shrine, and Kenrouken Landscape Garden.

We drank tea at a traditional tea house.

And we ate sushi. Even Dad!

We spent one morning with my students when we visited my school. A small group of eager seniors gave us an amazing tour, complete with a stop at many of the club activities that were going on. We got to see Japanese archery, Kendo, calligraphy and more!

We got taken around to the famous Omicho Market and Geisha district by one of my colleagues. A good experience for dad who could finally talk to someone besides us!

We also spent time relaxing at home, though it wasn't much! I am proud of the nice home meals I put together, though little of it involved much cooking. I'm fortunate enough to have an apartment that is both nice and large enough to have accommodated my guests. We did some average tasks like going grocery shopping, visiting the drug store, and exploring the  ¥100 shop (dollar store). All of which having special exotic flair on this distant island. Mom and I even made a trip to the onsen (hot spring bath). No pictures of that of course!

Stay tuned for a little bit more about our weekend day trips we took out of town.