Monday, December 12, 2016

Barack Hussein Obama

With all the insanity of the 2016 presidential election still engulfing us, I haven't taken the proper time to reflect on the coming of the end of my beloved Barack Obama's presidency. Words can't express how much I love this man, but I will try. 

There are a lot of historic moments when we can remember exactly where we were. Election night 2008 is one historical moment that I will remember and cherish forever. I was a senior at Michigan State University that fall. Our student union was holding an election watch party so my roommate, Leanne, and I decided to go, despite not living on campus anymore. As each state was called, turning red or blue, we colored in the corresponding state on our own maps. As CNN projected more and more states and electoral votes racked up for Obama, I had a moment when everything I had wanted was becoming clear. 

"He's going to win, isn't he." I said to Leanne, as more of a statement than a question. We both had damp eyes. She giggled and affirmed my sudden realization.

"You'll always remember this moment, sitting here with me." she said. 

For that, I always will. 

I experienced my greatest pride in being an American during these Obama years. To have such a wonderful, kind, sweet, gentle, loving, hilarious and beautiful man represent us, made me want to brag about him all over the world. The historic nature of finally letting a minority have a chance at governing our nation, made me full of hope at who we are. 

Barack Obama and the entire Obama family show us the epitome of being Americans. They are the first family, but they are also our family. 

Thank you Barack for being strong yet gentle, always helping us to see the humor in things, and for trying your very hardest to give us what we need. Oh, and I will miss your drawn out pauses, followed by that sly adorable grin you give!

Thank you Michelle for being eloquent and strong, beautiful and caring, and being unwilling to put up with anyone's BS. 

Thank you Malia and Sasha, for being well behaved, lovely young women who could set an example for girls worldwide. 

Thank you Bo and Sunny for being our beloved First Dogs! 

By saying goodbye to the Obama's as our first family, I feel like I am falling partially out of love with my country. I'll be feeling a void in their absence that I'm not quite sure how I'll fill again. 

And wait, yes we are going to miss the hell out of you and your aviator sunglasses Uncle Joe!