Friday, August 26, 2016

From Japan: Just a Few Thoughts

With just less than one week on the ground here in Japan, my mind is exploding with questions, confusion, thoughts and feelings. I can not exactly produce much of a composed post at this time, but I would like to give a list of random observations from the beginning of this journey in Japan.
1. Every time I see a shiba inu (a daily occurance) I turn into a excited 4-year-old child!
2. The teachers room in my school reminds me of news room, extremely active and always busy. (In Japan students stay stationary in classrooms and the teachers go to them. The teachers room is a large communal space where teachers have desks.)
3. In Japan we not only drive on the left side of the road, we talk on the left side of the sideway. Now I am that idiot walking against the flow of traffic!
4. Japanese people seem to be quite active and physically healthy. Its nice to be able to jog outside without being stared at. For the most part I am not being stared at, at all.
5. Shopping is extremely HARD. Since I cant read anything in Japanese I cant tell the difference between bubble bath and drink mix. Just an extreme example, but I really dont know how to identify much of anything if there is no picture.
I apologize for no photos at this time, but soon I should have a cell phone and Internet connection. I have so much to learn and in turn so much to share. Thank you for taking this journey with me!