Thursday, June 16, 2016

American Museum of Magic

I love magic and ever since I heard about the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, MI I have wanted to visit. On an impromptu morning, I decided it was time to go. From Jackson, this small but beautiful museum is just a 35 minute drive. Downtown Marshall is not confusing, but leave it to me to get confused. After driving past the museum once I finally saw it and parked. Parallel parking right outside is free, just ignore the historical parking meters. 

I entered the quiet museum and was greeted by the woman at the front desk. They had a small "gift shop" like area with some kiddy magic tricks, which of course caught my eye. I paid my modest $5 entry fee while she gave me the rundown of what was in the museum. She told me that they had been featured on the History Channel show Mysteries at the Museum four times, held suits of Penn and Teller,  and had thousands of artifacts highlighting magicians like Houdini, Thurston, and Blackstone. They are home to the largest collection of magic artifacts open to the public in the world. 

One of the oldest books on tricks, which holds the oldest trick in the book. 

There is a small exhibit for magic in Michigan. I learned that the small rural community of Colon, Michigan wears the label the "Magic Capitol of the World". It has historically been an attraction for magicians and magic enthusiasts due to Harry Blackstone in the 1920s, who was one of the most famous magicians in America at the time. 

There is more that just things to look at. There are a few interactive and educational exhibits that attempt to teach magical techniques. For instance Peppers Ghost. 
A little or a lot of time Marshall, MI can surely suit your historic needs. By visiting the Marshall Historical Society you can find out information about all the historic places that can be toured in Marshall.