Monday, February 8, 2016

No Facebook Update #2

I have thoroughly been loving my Facebook free life.I still feel no desire to mindlessly scroll through the newsfeed first thing in the morning.

I recently re-watched The Social Network. I really like the film and an left intrigued by a young Mark Zuckerberg's ability to manipulate computer code to create a service that has effected millions. Watching the Harvard undergrads, exercise their intelligent power leaves me slightly envious and slightly mystified. However, I ended the film with a relief that I was no longer under that spell. That I was free of that power.

Recently I visited Japan and of course I took photos. Gone are the days that most of us print photos from travels and slip them neatly into photo albums to be shared with family and friends. Those albums are now online and quicker and easier can be share with a much larger audience. So since I didn't have plans to fill a photo album either in physical form or online with my pictures from Japan, what was to become of them?

I don't think anyone takes pictures just for the fun of it. We take them to share with people. To show someone an image of something we saw that they did not. I ended up uploading my photos to my Google Drive account. I shared the album with just the people that I knew may appreciate them and would like to witness proof of my trip. I got no likes, no written comments, no shares. I felt no void in the inability to flip though my own album and view what people were saying about it.

I no longer feel at all alienated by being out of the loop with Facebook buzz. I have noticed some businesses and organizations with only a Facebook presence can be a challenge to get information for, but certain elements about the business are able to be views without logging in to Facebook.

My largest hit has been with this blog. When I shared my posts on my Facebook page, readers easily knew when I had posted something new. Now, I enjoy fewer hits as traffic to my blog has slowed. Now, if you look to the top right of the side column you can type in your email and my updates will be delivered to your inbox. No junk, just Cash's Corner posts!