Friday, January 15, 2016


Though just about every moment I spent in Japan I loved, there was a few moments that I considered myself in my own form of paradise. 
Sushi has been my favorite food for quite a while, and I was excited to get to Japan and have some amazing sushi. I've always been pleased with sushi here in the USA, but I was expecting great things in sushi's home country. 
Tav and I ate sushi many times, mostly from the grocery store which was made fresh daily. It was always a great price and extremely delicious. 
However, nothing quite compared to my first sushi-go-round experience. This is a concept that was created in Japan and has expanded to other countries. Visitors to the restaurant are sat at a booth along one of many conveyor belts. At this table there are utensils for your use, powdered match green tea, and a spout with hot water for all you can drink hot tea. There is a screen just at eye level that you may rotate through all the images the items you may eat. Mostly everything is sushi, but there are other items such as french fries, more drinks, soups, and desserts. 
You may place an order for exactly what you want, then you patiently wait as the item is quickly made and travels along the conveyor belt to you. When your order is coming near you, yours screen flashes to alert you to grab it. Additionally, there are items made constantly riding along the belt for you to take as you wish. Just be sure not to grab anything atop a red bowl, as it is on its way to someone else! 
Each plate has two pieces of sushi on it. It was some of the most delicious sushi I had ever eaten, despite being a "value" restaurant. Each plate will cost you anywhere between 100 and 500 yen or about one to five dollars. Most of what we ate was only about $1.50 per plate. I also grabbed some mochi balls filled with red bean paste, and some chocolate ice cream for dessert. 
 The sushi-go-round restaurant we went to is called Hamazushi Yokosukachuo-ten. It is located near the US Navel base that Tav works at so it is popular among  US Navel sailors stationed there. This place can be good for just a quick, light, cheap meal. But, it can also leave you stuffed if you are not careful. Even though I could have sat there and eaten myself sick, I was clear when it was time to stop. Tav got to listen to me rave about how much I loved this place. Sadly, I think Jackson is a long way from supporting such a unique thing as this.