Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Japan: A Mystical Place

Due to having a wonderful friend in the US Navy, stationed in Japan, I got to visit a country I might not have otherwise. But, due to Tav and I's friendship, I have recently been learning more and more about the country, the people, and the culture of Japan. I was so excited to finally see the place I had been reading so much about. 

Our 10 day journey was filled with wonder, excitement, and lots of hand holding. We visited castles, shrines, temples, interesting restaurants, and monkeys.  

There was so much to take in during this trip. Just walking down the street was an assault on the senses. My untrained eyes only took in a small percentage of what there was to see. But, luckily I had an extra set of eyes in Tav, and he pointed out things I would have definitely missed. 

Tav lives near the Navel base in Yokosuka, Japan, about 90 minutes down the coast of the bay from Tokyo. We spent a good bit of time there at his apartment, but we also took single and multiple day trips to experience much of that Japan has to offer. I got to see things that I had never seen before and experience some wonderful emotions. Please follow me over the coming days as I show you my trip and explain all the wonderful things I got to do.