Monday, December 28, 2015

No Facebook Update

It has now been just over one month since I have stopped using Facebook. I would like to take a moment to note how I feel about this decision, now that it's had plenty of time to sink in. 

Quitting Facebook has not seemed to have a negative effect on my life in the past four weeks. In fact, I truly can say I do not miss it at all. I do not crave scrolling through a news feed just to occupy 30 free seconds of my time. I do not wonder what everyone is up to. I do not miss the obligatory pull to check my profile a couple times per day. 

There have been a few people that I have found myself wanting to talk to, who I normally would reach out to on Facebook. This feature is of course extremely convenient, but it is something I forfeited for freedom from social media. For those people, I have found myself getting in touch with them in other ways. Like asking a mutual friend for their email address or phone number. 

Around the holidays, close friends of mine, planned gatherings and spoke about it all on Facebook. Of course I saw none of this, so they took the time to inform me via phone. What a wonderful thing to actually speak with someone. 

I haven't felt the vain desire to post pictures of myself on Facebook for all to see. I have an upcoming trip to Japan and I am wondering what I will do with all my photos since there is no Facebook to display them on. Maybe I won't feel the need to photograph much at all. But then again, what did people do with photos before Facebook? Photo albums? It leads me to wonder why we take photos in the first place. To show someone else images of what we saw with our own eyes, or to remember for ourselves the sights we saw. We have our own minds for that. 

I haven't had a problem admitting to people that I have disconnected from Facebook. I've only felt slightly alienated when people are taking about something they saw posted on it. I have felt a lot more relaxed knowing that it's not available in my life anymore. It's helped bring me closer to myself, which is what I am truly working toward.