Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Should I Meditate?


Wait. Don't stop reading. At least give me the chance to tell you why. Continued and emerging research shows that consistent medication practice has a positive effect on physical  and mental health. That it's not just something that monks and hippies do. That it's something that everyone should do and should be valued as any other step we take toward good health, like taking a multivitamin or brushing our teeth. 

What meditation does:
  • Can help you to be calm in stressful situations
  • Can help you work through an issue you are struggling with
  • Can bring you closer and closer to yourself and learn what you really want to be
  • Can help you understand your own feelings better
  • Can help give you more confidence
  •  Can help remind you of the value of caring for yourself
  • Can help you learn how to use breathing to relax
I didn't get all those bullet points from the Internet, I got them from my own experience. Those are some of the things meditation has done for me, so I know they can be done. 

Meditation is something that I had tried a few times on and off in my life. Specifically, just when I thought I needed it, I would do it once and move on. However, in late winter 2015 I decided to really give it a consistent try. I've been very happy with what it has brought to my life and can now say it's a habit. 

Over the next several weeks I want to break down my own experience for you, give you best practices, and guide you though trying meditation for yourself. I am going to try my best not to fall back on research or other recommendations I have found on the Internet. I want to trust my own experience and let that be enough to pass on to you. We all have all the answers within us, we just have to trust ourselves. I appreciate you reading.