Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Wedding and Peace Corps Reunion

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to travel to Dallas, Texas to attend the wedding of one of my Peace Corps friends, Ryan. I was honored to be invited to his wedding to his fiance, Kelsey, and also excited to be visiting a new place. It also meant that I would get to do some travel and see some Peace Corps friends of mine, some I hadn't seen in nearly four years. 

Ryan, Kelsey, and their families put on an amazing party. The small ceremony took place under a beautiful tree and the reception was laid out among beautiful historic buildings in the Dallas Historical Village. The DJs dinner music was quickly proving that this man knew how to please a crowd, or at least me for that matter. By playing songs from 98 Degrees, Boys II Men, Seal, and more, I felt like I was at a concert playing all my favorite songs of my childhood and teen years. 

We picked up our dinner in one of the historic buildings and got served our drinks out of the saloon. Everyone at the wedding was incredibly welcoming and friendly to everyone else. I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with Ryan's family, they were a great bunch of people to spend a weekend with. 

When the floor formally opened for dancing, it did not clear for the next four hours. That is because the DJ kept playing song after song to keep people on their feet. Despite being sweaty and hot and sore feet, lots of us enjoyed every moment we had to dance. 

When I get to spend time with people that I served in Peace Corps with I feel like I get to relive a interesting time in my life. A time when I grew the most, saw the most, and went so far beyond myself. I enjoy being able to fall back on those people who understand exactly what I am saying and doing in regards to Morocco. 

I had a quick, but very long (up until 2 am three nights in a row) three days in Dallas. I was so pleased I was able to attend and to reconnect and connect for the first time with some amazing people.