Monday, August 3, 2015

Return to Morocco: Just for Starters

After 3 1/2 years away from my second home country I returned. This blog was born there and started me on a creative journey of writing, exploring, and reflecting. When I travel I get filled with words and get very excited to share. Over the next couple of weeks please enjoy stories from the country that first began my fascination with travel. 

But for now please read just a few of my random observations:
1. Your hands always feel grimy. 
2. Interesting smells everywhere. ;)
3. Moroccan women have the most beautiful hands. 

Things I forgot to remember:
1. The trains are always late.
2. There is trash everywhere. 
3. Men like to make kissy sounds in your direction. 
4. Men will constantly have their finger in their nose, no big deal. 
5. The smells, not good ones. 

What I did remember was the LOVE of my family and friends. With each different person that I would see again for the first time, I got constant reminders of how loved I am.