Thursday, August 6, 2015


One of the most rewarding things about living and working in Morocco was working with the youth that were the future of the country. I worked with them in my local youth center, but some of the most memorable ones I came across were in the English immersion summer camps I worked in. There were always a few stand out teens in both personality and skills in English. My most memorable times are getting to know them. 

Out of the 100s of teens I came in contact with in Morocco I am still only in touch with four of them. Two are my host siblings and two were students of mine in one of the camps. I was lucky enough to see all four of them and spend time on my recent trip to Morocco. I greatly enjoyed hearing the interesting and impressive things they had been getting into since I last saw them. Some have traveled abroad and all are in university on their way to respectable careers. Luckily with the Internet, I've been in touch with them since I left Morocco and hope to be well into the future. I would love nothing more than one day get to meet them on this side of the pond.