Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Life List Item 84: Send a Message in a Bottle

Who doesn't love the romantic notion of finding a message in a bottle? I sure do. So I decided I wanted to send one. Now finally I actually did. 

I wrote a message to a person I am calling "you". I just wrote a few of the life lessons I have taken in in my 29 years of life. I hope if/when someone receives it my thoughts may inspire them or at the least make them smile. 

For my bottle, I fished a wine bottle out of the glass recycling bin that I take my recycling to. I stripped it of it's label, leaving a clear view of the message inside. I wrote my note on plain, lined notebook paper. I knew I wanted to send my letter down a river, so it would actually travel away from this place. So I chose a spot where the Grand River was moving quite quickly to let my message go. 
I was excited to do this and understood I only had one shot. I worried that the bottle could hit a rock on impact and shatter. It didn't. There were a few seconds of sheer excitement as the bottle hurled through the air and splashed in the water. I only got a few seconds to watch it depart. 
I of course will have no idea of the fate of my bottle, but that's not the point. All I can do now is hope that my message one day will be received. And feel that satisfaction of living a dream.