Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Why Natural is Better

For close to three years now I've been making a lot of my own natural skin care products. You've seen my obsessions with kitchen ingredients brought into the bathroom through many of my other Tip Tuesdays. (As I type this, a mask of honey and cinnamon sits on my face) Now I wanted to bring in some facts as to why I believe natural, homemade skin care products are superior to store bought ones. 
1. The cost!! People spend a lot of money on skin care products. Ones that promise things that are truly not possible to deliver. Home made products can be made with things you already have in your kitchen. And for the cost of a few base items, you can get making a large supply of home made products that amount to way more than you can get in a small store bought portion of a commercial product.
2.  Less packaging and trash. When you make your own products you put them in a container that you already have, reusing it. 
3. The smells of nature. Since changing my habits to using mostly home made products, ones with heavy synthetic fragrances are too much for me to handle. I much prefer the natural scent of essential oils or natural butters to fake sweet pea or love spell.  
4. Health of your skin. Many skin care products contain hard chemicals and fragrances that can irritate skin, sometimes doing it more harm than good. 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our blood stream.* Skin is like a sponge, not a barrier.
5. Can truly help acne. I don't know about many of you, but many of the acne products on the market seem to keep you going in circles. There are many home made acne remedies that do much better to nourish  your skin, balance oil and dryness, and smooth for skin to make it glow. What you are left with, after committed use, is healthy skin that is less prone to blemishes. 

Be wary of commercial product lines out there that use buzzwords like eco-friendly, natural, or naturally derived. These are super popular right now but can usually be misleading. Instead go 100% natural and make your own at home. 

I can't pretend to be a saint. My skincare routine is about 60% natural and I still have some progress to make. I still hope to go more natural with sunscreen, facial lotion, and face wash. It is a bit of work to keep up with natural skincare, because it takes some time to make these things, when it might just be easier to grab a product at Target. But the benefits are worth it. It helps me to feel connected to the Earth, using the products that it naturally produces for the good of my health. 

For dozens and dozens of recipes for natural skincare products just Google whatever it is you want to make. "Homemade face wash," "natural body butter," "homemade body scrub" are just a few to get you started.   

In conclusion skin care products are not going to make you younger. The best way to keep your skin young is to protect if from the sun, get enough sleep, refrain from unhealthy habits, and care for it. Even the most expensive products can't stop the body from doing what it will do naturally.