Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tip Tuesday: Be Better in 59 Seconds

I recently finished a book titled 59 Seconds: Change Your Life in Under a Minute, by Richard Wiseman. Not that I don't recommend the book to read, but I will sum up some of its points for you here. In the case of this book making changes to your life only requires minutes per day and most times only revolve around changing your thinking. Take a couple of these example here to better yourself today. 

1. Develop a gratitude attitude. People who write down three things they are grateful for or three things that went significantly well in the past week can raise their happiness for about a month. In turn they can become more optimistic about the future and improve physical health.  A second option is to take five minutes while lying in bed either in the morning or at night to go over those things you are grateful for in your head. It doesn't matter if they are the same things everyday, the fact that you are reiterating them won't let you take them for granted.

2. Be a giver. You can experience a small boost in happiness or perhaps a longer one by carrying out an act of kindness. Giving someone a compliment, giving a few dollars to someone in need, or buying a small gift for a friend shows your selflessness. 

3. Visualize yourself doing, not achieving.  People who visualize themselves taking practical steps to achieving their dreams instead of simply fantasizing about them are far more likely to succeed in getting there. That's because you are  fully understanding what it takes to achieve what you want. One technique to try is to adopt a third-person perspective of yourself. Visualize yourself as others see you, without your own self-judgement, you may 20% more likely to succeed. Most of the time we are harder on ourselves than others are on us.