Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Destress with Any Amounts of Time You Have

You don't need to head to a relaxation retreat to find some stress relief. Take these tips from Outside Magazine to relieve stress whether you have 10 seconds or 10 years of free time. 

10 seconds-Laugh. Even just anticipating a chuckle is enough to relieve stress and to elevate hormones that combat depression and boost immunity. It's to think of a couple funny moments here and there, or as I often do watch some clips from the Ellen Show. 

5 minutes-Chew gum. Chewing two sticks a day for two weeks can fight off anxiety and fatique and improve mood. Or in my case chew on something really crunchy or chewy. I find a lot stress can be held as well as taken out with your jaw. 

15 minutes-Meditate. Even just a quarter hour of meditation can bring stress levels down. Don't know where to start? Start with sitting still with your emotions. Sit in the moment and be completely aware of what you are feeling. If it is something negative shift your thoughts to a more positive emotion like thankfulness or joy. 

30 minutes-Go for a walk or jog. Being out in the fresh air will help bring a new clarity to your mind and you will be boosting your cardiovascular health and muscle tone. 

45 minutes-Take a nap. A 45-60 minute daytime nap can bring spiked blood pressure back down to normal.  For me 30 minutes is the perfect nap. 

90 minutes-Stretch it out with yoga. Nice gentle yoga will help being you back to Earth and calm your central nervous system. 

1 year-Move to Switzerland. This country is at the top of the Better Life Index for life satisfaction. Strong sense of community and high life expectancy make living the Swiss life sweet. 

10 years-Get a dog. A dog will help lower your blood pressure and improve your psychological well-being.