Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Alternatives to Cards

One thing that I hate building up but also hate throwing away are greeting cards. This tip it to help eliminate that. Believe me, greeting cards do have their place in my mind. Sending someone well wishes from afar or trying to cheer someone up with that perfectly funny card are perfect ways to use greeting cards. What is not perfect is the unwritten rule that I greeting card has to accompany any present and merely serves to let the person know who the gift is from. I say skip that, if you are handing the gift right over, don't waste the $2.99 plus that you spend on a card, just to sign a quick name. The person will be throwing it away quickly as it is. Or if they don't they just collect in a desk until you feel you've waited the correct amount of time to justify tossing it. Instead think of something more inexpensive, useful, or personal and release the need for a card. 

1. If you are giving the person a book or journal, write your personal message just inside the cover. No need for a card and that person will always be able to keep that message. 

2. If you are giving cash or a check tape that inside of a magazine the person will like. You can also write a personal message on the first page of the magazine. Still getting your point across but giving the person something they can  make use out of my reading. 

3. Make something out of thing around the house. Take five minutes with that in mind and I'll be there are a few ideas you can come up with. You can cut crumple up a paper bag and create a old fashioned look.  Cut up magazines to make colorful artwork to add to a homemade card. 

4. Write your message on the back of a photograph. This lets the person know who the gift is from but also serves as something the person will want to put up on their wall. 

5. Write the person a letter. It will be a lot more personal and save worthy than just a cheap-o card. They might not read it right away but it will be fun for them to go back and read later.