Monday, October 27, 2014

Life and Intention

With the changes going on in my working life over the past seven weeks inspiration for this blog has fallen by the wayside. Instead of beating myself up over neglecting it, I just take it in stride knowing that times lacking inspiration are just part of the ebb and flow of life. 
I think part of it is, is that my inspiration and creativity has been needed in different areas in my life. With the new position I began as executive director of the Fitness Council of Jackson, I find much of my brain power being funneled over there. And it's not even that I'm uninspired, it's just that I'm so busy living I can't find the organization for the explaining. 
And yes, maybe some of you are unaware that I finished my work commitment with Girl Scouts and have moved into this much more challenging and different experience of being executive director of the Fitness Council. I've been plugging along for seven weeks now and despite a steep learning curve I think I'm doing alright. Just when I have a moment of feeling I have nothing figured out I look back over the past seven weeks and realize how much I've taken in, gotten used to, and moved past in that time. When I feel like it's too difficult for me to handle I remember to respect the learning process taking place here, and remember that everything, in it's own time, will come. 
Today, finally I have some of that inspiration ready to give to this blog, and soon enough I'll clue you in more on my new job. However, for now let's talk about life and intention. Around a year ago my good friend and yoga teacher asked me what my life's intention was. When I didn't readily know it on the spot, I took the time to consider it and write it down. Recently I did that again. As we all grow and change out intention may change. Mind did some, or I just learned a different way of articulating it. I'll share it with you now. 
 It turns out I only desire two main things: connection and challenge. Everything I feel I strive for comes through those two things. 
  • To people-I want to have meaningful experiences that connect me with loved ones, strangers, and all in between. I want to seek greater understanding of people's experiences. 
  • To other living things-I want to acknowledge other living creatures as they enter my life as well as connect with plant life and to understand the connection among all of us. 
  • To truth-I want to remain connected to what I believe to be true and to not be led astray by opposing negative outside forces. 
  • To Earth-I want to respectfully use this Earth as a home. Giving as much respect as possible, acknowledging and appreciating its gifts. 
  • To Universe-I want to always keep in mind the vast Universe I am in. And us the fact that I am nothing but a microscopic fractions of it as a source of perspective. 
  • Of beliefs-I want to be constantly trying to see things in another way and questioning beliefs with the intention to learn new things. 
  • Of the usual-I want to challenge myself to do things differently than what is seen as the normal and to let go what the illusion of normal is. 
  • Of intelligence-I want to always be learning new things and making my intelligence work harder and become stronger. 
  • Of mind-I want to understand my mind and what it is doing in different situations and why. 
  • Of body-I want to feel physically challenged and make use of my human body to its full potential.