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Tip Tuesday: Low Back Pain

I'll preface by saying I'm not a doctor, duh you all know that. However, I am very aware of my own small aches now and again. Usually I try to start with stretching or yoga to fix a pain before reaching for medication. I've recently been experiencing come low back pain, stemming from the hamstring injury I had four years ago. In looking for a way to relieve it, I came across a really great exercise from Ekhart Yoga. 

Take a look at this video and try this yourself if you experience any low back pain or stiffness. I do this twice per day and I find it really helps me. 

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  1. I recommend yoga for all my low back pain patients. Yoga is gentle and it is very rare that is causes anything else but pain relief for patients. It is safe for all ages, as even my older patients can do modified versions of most of the poses. The slow twist/rocking exercise is excellent for spinal stabilization training! My two cents...

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