Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Running a 5k

A 5k race is five kilometers. Or in American terms 3.1 miles. If the thought of running that far is very daunting to you, rest assured it can be done. I never thought I would be interested, but once I gave it a shot I really enjoyed it. I've only done four in the past six years, but each one I've had fun with. 

It's a great feeling showing up on race day surrounded by so much buzzing positive energy. People of all ages excited like you and committed to a healthy lifestyle.

Here are my tips if it sounds like something you'd like to try:

1. Research 5k races in your area. Once you pick on out either in location you love or for a cause you care about this will give you the motivation to train for it. 

2. Start training three to six weeks out. I put quite the range here because if this is your first time you may need six weeks to build up the endurance, but if you've trained before you could be good with only three weeks of preparation. 

3. Attempt to run three to four times per week. Run with at least one day of rest in between. Start off with half a mile without a walk break working your way up by half miles day by day or week by week. Make sure you are stretching both before and after which will help with muscle soreness.

In my experience I've usually only trained myself to run 2.5 miles or so. With the energy of the other racers around you and your drive to finish strong, its easy to pull the last half mile out of sheer guts alone. 

4. Set a race day goal for yourself. It may be running 10 minute miles. Or it may be running the entire race without taking a break to walk. Whatever it is push yourself to achieve that goal. 

5. Pat yourself on the back! Be proud of your accomplishments in training and on race day. If you liked it try it again!