Thursday, August 14, 2014

Going Barefoot

There's something about having a little dirt on my feet that makes me feel childish. As kids we ran around barefoot constantly, having dirty feet that maybe would or wouldn't be washed at the end of the day. Many kids run around barefoot in other countries all the time. 

As adults we typically protect our feet. Keep them soft and dry, encased in shoes that protect their delicate nature. Where as we need to protect our feet, our one true connection to the Earth, we also need to allow them to soak up the energy the Earth has to offer. 

There are many benefits to going barefoot and allow me to tell you about a few, thanks to Stephanie Slon of

1. Clear your mind- When you walk barefoot outdoors you need to pay attention to the present moment and what is right in front of you. While being careful not to step on a thorny weed or stray rock you are quieting the chatter in your mind. 

2. It's wonderful exercise for your feet- Walking barefoot stretches and uses muscles in your feet and ankles that are not normally used when wearing shoes. Since I've begun doing yoga more regularly (which I do barefoot) and walking outdoors barefoot, I notice my balance is better overall, due to greater dexterity in my feet. 

3. It's grounding- Our bodies are largely compromised of water, which is a great conductor of electricity. The Earth contains has a negative ionic charge. When we go barefoot we are connecting our bodies to that charge. Negative ions have been proven to calm, detoxify, and regulate hormone levels. Give yourself a treatment of negative ions once in a while by going barefoot. 

4. Feel like a kid- Going back to what I mentioned at the beginning going barefoot can help us release some seriousness of our adult lives. Being barefoot can make us a little vulnerable and there's nothing wrong with that. 


My tips to going barefoot:

-Start by being barefoot at home. Get used to having nothing on your feet. 
-Go barefoot in your yard while you are doing a little yard work. While I don't recommend mowing the lawn with bare feet I do recommend you doing it for the few minutes it takes to water your flowers or go out and get your mail. 
-Go barefoot in a park while you are taking a walk. Go off path and walk onto some grass. Walk in a place that feels safe but be aware of things you could step on. 
-Be barefoot when ever it's feasible. For me I take the opportunity to walk around the outside of my house barefoot as well as in the park. I don't however, choose to walk barefoot around places that I could cut my feet or when I have to keep up with a faster walker.