Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Staying Focused While Working

In my job I have multiple roles. Within those roles I have multiple tasks. Some days I am pulled from task to task and often time find myself  starting something new while forgetting I am in the middle of something else. If you are in a similar situation read on to find some tips for keeping your focus at work. 

1. Keep your work station organized. I do this one a lot. Take a few minutes at the beginning and end of the day to make sure there isn't too much clutter around your desk. This clutter will create an uneasy feeling and lead your mind to stray. 

2. Make a to-do list and stick to it. If you have your tasks written down you are more likely to complete them. Having them bouncing around in your head just creates confusion and you are less likely to complete them all effectively. 

3. Realize when you are getting off task. When I start something and then have to take a call, sometimes I go right into a brand new task forgetting I had started one before. When you realize you have done this, don't get upset, just simply return to the initial  task, complete it, and move on. Train yourself return your mind to something you started. 

4. Give yourself a break.If you work primarily at a desk it's best for your body to get up and move around for five or 10 minutes each hour. If you work at a computer too, it's best to give your eyes and mind a rest from it. It also helps to relax your mind and refocus. Step away from the desk and computer as often as you can and come back ready to finish or start a new task. 

5. Discipline yourself. Focus takes discipline, for everyone. Working in a place with so many possible distractions for me, it's simple for my mind to bounce around. I have to try and be strict with myself  to focus on what I am currently doing and let other tasks that may pop into my head wait.