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Tip Tuesday: Embracing Negative Emotions

In some cultures and ours especially we are expected to be happy. How many times have you been sitting at a party, with a commonplace expression on your face and someone demands you "SMILE!" 

We've all been experiencing a mopey mood and our all too hyper friend unleashes the annoying crusade  beginning with the command "CHEER UP!" 

All around happiness is difficult to achieve and to fully attempt it is all too much pressure. We seem to be taught that when we are experiencing negative emotions we need to do something instantly to get rid of them. While I'm not suggesting that we wallow in sadness, frustration, and anger a majority of our time-we all need to experience embracing those emotions to learn from them. 

Next time you experience a negative emotion ig: sadness, rejection, annoyance, etc. learn how to just sit with it. Instead of focusing all your energy on getting rid of the emotion and getting back to happy focus on how the emotion feels. How does your heart feel? What does your stomach feel like? What are you experiencing in all the fibers of your being?

Humans are dynamic beings, capable of feeling a good many things. If we only allow ourselves to truly experience positive emotions without reflection on negative ones, we are truly missing half of ourselves. When you think about it, the physical sensations associated with emotions are really an intriguing thing. It's interesting how the human body can feel so many things, just based on what's going on in your head. 

Have you ever had a time in your life that you noticed you hadn't been feeling much emotion at all, then suddenly you start longing for something or missing someone? The rush of emotions, although sometimes perceived as negative, might make you feel truly alive. Alive is what we all strive for. 

The more we learn to experience these emotions, the better we are able to work them out. We become less afraid of dealing with them, because we show ourselves we can do it with grace. In turn we become less afraid of unknown situations, which might warrant negative emotions. We won't fear "bad days" but learn to experience them as just a part of life and let them roll off our backs. 

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  1. Thanks for the post Alex! I had the smile example happen to me a few weeks ago. That is frustrating! Love this entry! You are a really good writer.

  2. There is one particular person in my life who seems most disturbed when ever I 'go deep' or seem 'bummed out'. As often seems to be the case, I may be quite content in my low and slow state, digging through emotional gunk; yet this friend is bent on me "keeping my chin up". This person also seems particularly disturbed by some of my artwork. To the point of permanently manipulating the image on some occasions. I wonder if this friend of mine is disturbed in those types of scenarios because they are the type to hide from their emotions. The type who seems to always want to escape the hard parts of life.

    Maybe the 'smile police' are so because they have built up a fragile barrier to hide from their inconvenient emotions and this barrier is easily shaken and shattered by the field of one who explores such emotions with a more accepting tone.

    One who hides from sadness will be shaken by one who does not as the one who does not resonates a particularly penetrating emotional frequency encouraging the one who does hide from sadness to come into the light.


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