Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Become a More Positive You

We all could use a little more positivity and a little less negativity in our lives. Yes, outward influences can push us in one direction or the other, but the easiest way to feel more positive is to look within. 

Here are a couple of tips I've compiled to bring more positivity into your day. 

1. Kill them with kindness. Yes I know we hear this one all the time and it can be tough. You've just waited 20 minutes on hold with your cell phone company, you finally get to speak to a human being, what is your first reaction? Frustration, anger, annoyance? Have you ever taken the time to think that the person on the other end has had to listen to one dissatisfied customer after another, for hours and days on end? Try being a bright lift to her day. Instead of being another one of those customers for her, be different and be the one to interject a little kindness and compassion. You could end up with an outcome you don't desire, but I guarantee you'll feel a lot better having approached the situation positively. You should walk away from the situation feeling happy and proud that you've done something nice for someone. 

2. Jot down the tiniest things. I mean tiny! At the end of your day write down something extremely small that was positive in your day. You can start with just one per day and add more and more as you become more observant. When we focus on the smallest of moments then all moments develop more meaning. We will stop looking for all these grand and wonderful things to happen and just be thrilled with the moments of the everyday. 

Example: A brief moment with a customer speaking about my  weekend camping experience.