Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello Again

Over the past six weeks of Lent most of you haven't been reading Cash's Corner. You haven't been missing anything, because I haven't been writing. Giving up Facebook for Lent felt great, in all ways but one. This blog suffered and I was saddened that I didn't have readers who journeyed to this blog without the Facebook post reminder. But now, by clicking the link on your Facebook news feed, you've come back to me. 

Giving up Facebook for Lent was a refreshing experience to say the least. 

Times I felt temped to look= perhaps one
Times I felt I was missing out= again perhaps one
Times I accidentally went to Facebook.com= zero
Times I was happy I wasn't on Facebook= several

It just felt nice not having that pull to something I really didn't care about. It was helpful in staying out of gossip. 

Now that Lent is over I hope to be using Facebook a little bit differently. I hope that after six weeks of having it out of my life I won't need it as much as before. I've resolved to only use Facebook on my home laptop and not check it at work. I hope to only take a look once a day. 

It was a fun experiment to try and I had many people flabbergasted when they heard what I was doing. I think it's an interesting reaction and it tells a lot about our society at this current time. I know Facebook won't be around forever, but right now for whatever reason it's king.