Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Speak Sweet to Yourself

The more time I spend getting to know myself, the more I learn to appreciate myself. Working for Girl Scouts has taught me a good many things, but in learning the Girl Scout Law I want to reference a specific line from it for the illustration of this point. 

Respect myself and others. 

I'd like to argue that the most important person you respect is yourself. One way of doing that is speaking sweet to yourself. 

I've never been particularly verbally harsh with myself, but now that this is a concept I am beginning to pick up I notice things that I once would say about myself but have begun to refrain from doing. An example  for you: You're looking at a photo of yourself while standing around with a group of people. You're not particularly happy about your weight so you say out loud "I look so fat." Has saying this made you thinner? Has is changed anything about the way people see you? All it's done is shown your own disrespect in yourself. When we stop respecting ourselves we give ourselves reasons to feel like less than we really are. 

Anytime you get the urge to say "I'm so stupid" or "My hair looks disgusting in that photo" just don't say it. Don't let others believe that you think anything less than great things about yourself. Soon perhaps once you stop saying these things you may stop thinking them as well. And just maybe it will become unacceptable for you do think negatively of yourself.

You have to respect yourself fully in order to keep high standards of self-worth. And not let outward things matter like weight, hair, or clothes. Respect yourself, because you are totally worth it.