Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tip Tuesday: Frugal Foam Rolling

 I had been reading a bit about foam muscle rollers for a while and how good they can be to heal sore muscles after a workout. I got pretty eager to try it when I had particularly sore muscles one evening, but of course I didn't have a foam roller on hand. 

So being frugal as always I thought what do I have in the house that can at least be used this once, until I can get a real foam roller...

A wine bottle-bingo! I looked around for an empty one in my recycling. The one I chose happened to be of the raspberry chocolate wine variety. It's not mine I swear! 

With a foam roller (or a wine bottle) you can give yourself a deep tissue massage, using your own body weight, loosening muscle tension. It's the same concept of a deep tissue massage from a masseuse, but you can do it at home, for free, and achieve similar results. 
You will need a bit of upper body strength because you will be supporting your own weight and moving your body up and down the roller. There are many exercise you can do that work several areas of the body. 

Maybe soon I'll invest in a real foam roller, but for right now my wine bottle is working out alright.