Sunday, February 9, 2014

So-So Sewing

If you'll remember back to my recent post about DIY mittens you'll remember I said I really needed to learn how to use a sewing machine. From where I do not know, but my dad has three old sewing machines that were just waiting to be used. I asked my co-worker Katie if I might have a lesson so I picked out a machine. 

Up until then my knowledge of sewing machines was something I could fit in a thimble. I Love Lucy taught me a good many things; how to get into the show, how to store things in your small apartment, how to perform with your baby on your back, but one thing I didn't learn from her was how to use a sewing machine. 
Lucy is perplexed
Lucy: "That booklet says even a child can run it. Let's see...first thread the bobbin."
(To Ethel) "Do you have any idea what a bobbin looks like?"
Ethel: Shakes head
Lucy: "I better turn it on maybe I can tell that way."
"Oh that must be it, it's bobbin up and down."
Ethel: "Hey Lucy, look at this chart. That's not the bobbin at all."

Take a looks at Lucy's first dress. 
Lucy didn't find the bobbin right away and she wasn't a very good teacher. Luckily for me I had better instruction. I learned mostly from Katie's husband, Hideto, who is Japanese. He learned how to use a sewing machine and hand sew as a child in school, as is par with Japanese education. 

Seeing as his English is basic I got to learn in a very basic way. "Easy, stop, and very good" were all words that translated well while learning. After I'd learn one thing, he would put me to the test and his short abrupt sounds let me know I had forgotten a step.  

Hideto: "Noooo"

Alex: "Forgot a step? here?"

Hideto: "Good."

I learned the basic in my couple hour lesson. Next is going to come my persistence in trying to learn the craft. So far I have re-sewn those mittens I made, and although not perfect, they are sewn nice and strong.  I hope to get better at using the machine and soon enough make my own scarves, and maybe even a dress. I wouldn't be surprised if my first one turns out like Lucy's. You gotta love her, you just got to.