Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crochet the Day Away

Crochet was something my Grandma never taught me. Knitting was enough for my small child hands. I first learned a bit about crochet from some Moroccan women when I lived there. It was tough not being able to ask many questions, learning in another language and all. Crochet was much more difficult for me at first than knitting, seeing as I didn't fully understand the basics. 
"How do you keep your rows straight," I asked of a woman in Arabic. 
"Wahd, juj, tleta, (one, two, three)", she said while counting on her fingers. 
"Oh, I get it."
Fast forward to several years later to a few weeks ago, when I saw a crocheted square my co-worker brought in. I was immediately struck with it's beauty and she began explaining how easy it was to achieve this. I didn't quite believe her at first. It would take a few weeks with tinkering around with some scrap yarn, a little trial and error, and several Youtube clips later that I would finally get on my way to crocheting a blanket. 
I've knit an afghan before, something that was on my life list.  I didn't exactly feel the need to do it again, but wanting a winter project, I decided I'd give it a try. Take a look at what I've got so far. 
 Keli was right, it does move quick. I've only been working on it for about 30 minutes today and I already have eight inches. My goal is at least 60 inches across. You'll see my progress as I move along.