Friday, January 3, 2014

Two Thousand Thirteen

Two thousand thirteen was a good year to me. Full of adventure, new things, wonderful friends, and lots to remember. Take a journey through my year with me. 

I got up close and personal with sheep as I learned about shearing them:
I learned how to make maple syrup:

I traveled across the sea to Ireland:
 I lived a brief life as a farm hand:

I got my first full time job of my life with the wonderful organization known as the Girl Scouts! 

Thanks to them I got to ride in a race car:
And experience buying a new car:

I had a lovely camping experience with Val, adventure sidekick extraordinaire: 
To stop off 2013 I am still in the midst of a stontanious road trip that has so far taken me to Cincinnati, Ohio, Lexington, Kentucky, and Mammoth Cave.

I couldn't have an ounce more gratitude for how fortunate I've been this year. I'm so thankful for the growth and learning I've experienced and look forward to the secrets and surprises that 2014 has to hold. 

 Happy New Year!