Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tip Tuesday-DIY Mittens

I must preface by saying that I am really not all that crafty and my sewing skills are utterly basic. That said, the following craft can be done by just about anyone with an old sweater, thread, and about an hour and a half. 

I wanted to try this craft out of  need for a pair of mittens. With the extremely cold and snowy winter we are currently experiencing my gloves just weren't cutting it. I knew I had to let my fingers be friendly to achieve much warmer hands when out in the cold. I know there is somewhat of a mitten determination out there, so finding a pair of mittens to buy wasn't working out.

To make a pair of mittens all you need is an old-preferably wool sweater that has already been shrunk. You can find one at a second hand store if you do not already have one at home. I began looking  in the women's section at my local Goodwill store. I finally decided to look in the children's section, knowing I only needed a small amount of fabric, and that I would pay half the price. I didn't end up with a wool sweater but I did find a fleece scarf that I planned to making lining with to add warmth.


1. Trace your hand in the shape of a mitten on a piece of paper. Then draw another line around the contour a half an inch larger for your hand. This space allows for your sewing. 
2. Place your pattern on the sweater and pin it in place to cut around it. You may use one of the sides that is already sewn up. 

3. Since I was making a liner too I had to cut four mitten shapes. Two from the sweater, two from the scarf. 

4. Once your cuts are done start sewing it up all the way around inside out from the way to plan to wear it. 
5. If your lining it tight enough you won't  have to sew the two pieces together. Put the lining mitten on then the outer part over it. 
6. Instant $3 mittens. 

My hand sew job isn't the greatest so the verdict is that I need to learn how to run a sewing machine. It's something I'll be excited to try.