Monday, January 27, 2014

Three-Day Detox

I've thought long and hard about doing some type of detox or cleanse of my digestive system. I've put it off due to not having the right supplies or fear that I would not have enough energy to do the things I needed to do. However, last week I finally buckled down and did it. 
I was provoked because I had just consumed a ton of sweets at a baby shower and eaten pizza that I thought was going to kill me.  Then seemed like no better time to give my digestion a cleaning. I know I don't need to lose weight and I'm never a fan of diets I just wanted to see if I could clear anything out that shouldn't be in my system. 
I roughly followed a three-day program that was suggested by Dr. Oz which can be found here. I did add a few things of my own and didn't put in every ingredient he called for. 

My detox consisted of drinking smoothies full of fruits and vegetables three times per day for three days. Things like almond or peanut butter, avocado, or protein powder are essential to give you enough protein and give you energy to complete the day. Between smoothies I snacked on unsalted almonds or raw vegetables if I was hungry. My point was not to follow the plan perfectly, but just to have three days eating nothing artificial, no meats, no dairy, and being super hydrated.  I also got some Detox Tea from Yogi brand which I drank once a day, but green tea would work too. Once a day I did a short yoga routine meant for detox to further help toxins move through my body. 
Another thing I had been wanted to try was bentonite clay. You can take a look at Wellness Mama as she explains all of it's benefits. It is clay that is harvested in Wyoming and it's properties help to draw out toxins both externally and internally. Believe it or not it's actually safe to eat dirt. I tried consuming one teaspoon per day of my detox mixed with water. I'm not convinced of it's magic, but I didn't give it a long enough chance. I also added it to bath water to help draw out toxins that way. It can be made into a facial and body mask as well. 
The verdict is that I'm not 100% sure that my detox did a whole lot. Perhaps outside of weight loss there are no tangible results. You can't actually see toxins leaving your body and I had no idea if my digestive tract is cleaner, I sure hope it is a little. I know that eating completely healthy for three days couldn't hurt.
What I do know is that I am proud of myself for sticking to it for three days. I sure did have some challenges during that time like being offered pizza and Crazy Bread on day one and having a work lunch on day two. During the work lunch I knew I had to eat something so I ordered a spinach salad that came with walnuts, apples, and pears. It ended up being perfect because even though I wasn't drinking a juice I was still getting nothing but fresh fruits and vegetables in that meal. I was also offered  lots of candy, all of which I had to deny. It did feel good to have some reason to have to deny something I might want to eat. That detox gave me a solid reason to say no. It also  made me feel  very healthy looking at my blender being chocked full of fruits and vegetables.