Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Pope Francis-Selfie Roadtrip part II

The rest of my time in Lexington proved to be a nice time. Lyndsey and I kept it cool on New Year's Eve when we went out for sushi together then had a couple of drinks at the restaurant that her boyfriend Hayden works as a sous chef at.
Myself and the Pope on New Years Eve

As you already know we went to Mammoth Cave on New Years Day. Not before taking care of Lyndsey's race horse Roo. Lyndsey works as a racehorse trainer. She exercises them and takes care of them for her owners. She also has four of her own, one of which she introduced me too. She rents a space on a farm for Roo to live. She has a large outdoor pen and an indoor stall. She must go there every day, twice a day to feed her. She keeps all of her food in her house. Sparty traveled with me to the Bluegrass State. 
 Lyndsey didn't work on New Years Day so we were able to spend the whole day together. The second day, while Lyndsey was at work she directed me to a local coffee shop in downtown Lexington where I spend a few relaxing hours reading and catching up on my Internetting. 

While in Lexington it was a huge priority for me to watch at least some of the Rose Bowl, which my beloved Spartans were playing in for the first time in 25 years. I got my wish of watching it and I got my wish of winning it. Look how happy the Pope and I are!
When I felt my time in Lexington had come to an end I left for Fort Wayne, Indiana to make a final stop at the home of my friends Matt and Tanie Emmons. There I got to meet their two-year-old son Dylan. 

 The three of us saw time fly by as we caught up on each others' lives and talking about our time in Morocco together, while Curious George played in the background. 

The four of us went out to dinner and enjoyed one of Matt and Tanie's local favorites. 

My trip rounded out with one final stop for gas and once I learned of a Gap Outlet store right on my way home, a visit there.