Friday, January 17, 2014

2014-The Year of Writing

I've thought about New Years resolutions and while the concept is a bit too cliche for me I believe I've arrived at something. 

This seems kind of resolution-esk, but not quite. I've decided to deem  2014 as the year of writing. More writing you ask? Don't you write enough? Yes I do write a lot, and when I look back and what I've written I'm proud of how much I've gotten published. But this year I want to do more, make more money, and go much bigger. 

I did lots of work with, but that ended. I've done lots of travel writing, but that ended. I did lots of searching on, but that fizzled out. I'm really ready and inspired to dig and find great opportunities to write all year long. 

I've never been paid a whole lot of money for my writing in the past. Up until now, and still, I'm just happy to write, and happy to have my writing published anywhere. However, I think there are lots of places that I have yet to look for opportunities and now, I'm determined to find them. 

I found a month long challenge on, which takes you through a 30-days of tasks to get you fired up about writing. Not that I'm not fired up already! I think that even as experienced as I am I'm still a bit overwhelmed by navigating the world of freelance writing and this year I'm going to work hard to find my way though it. 

Day one challenge: Set a list of writing goals

1. Purchase a subscription to WritersMarket, to find freelance opportunities. 
2. Submit at least one piece by the end of February. 
3. Make my freelance writing a high priority. 
4. Work on at least one freelance project per month. 
5. Get at least 4 pieces published in 2014.  
 6. Spend one evening per week on writing.