Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Witch Hazel

In honor of the best holiday of the year coming up this week lets read about some wonderful uses of a spooky, witch like product. Well actually that part's not true. It's not made from a witch named Hazel but rather from the bark and leaves of the North American Witch Hazel shrub. 

1. Use as a facial toner. Witch hazel can do wonders for acne prone or red, inflamed skin.  It has actually worked wonders for me. I enjoy using it because I know it's all natural, it's inexpensive, and it leaves my skin soft and conditioned, not dried out. Just apply with a cotton ball to cleanse and soften your skin. 

2. Soothe razor burn bumps. Apply to an area you might get razor burn before and after shaving. It works as an anti-inflammatory and can prevent razor bumps before they happen. 

3. Heal bruises and cuts. Use witch hazel just as you would any cream you'd put on a cut. It can clean the wound, reduce inflammation, and speed healing time.

4.  Soothe rashes or other itch causing aliments. By applying witch hazel to poison ivy, chicken pox, bug bites, or rashes you can reduce all the itching. 

5. Calm red or tired eyes. Put a cold washcloth soaked in witch hazel on tired eyes and after 10 minutes you'll look and feel refreshed. 

Witch Hazel can be found online from Thayer's with all sorts of add-ons and other scents. But if your pinching pennies like me you are also perfectly fine going with the Meijer brand witch hazel for a fraction of the price. I even added a few drops of essential oil to mine to scent it.

Happy Halloween!