Wednesday, September 18, 2013

More Love Letters

I have always loved hand written letters. I love opening up my mailbox and seeing my name and address hand written on an envelope with a stamp in its upper right corner. When you open a hand written letter and feel the words written deep in the paper you can't help but feel extremely special. 

The art of handwritten letters has been falling away for decades. Gone are the days that overseas soldiers write letters to their loves waiting at home. When it's easier and faster to just zip someone a quick email or text, why take the time to actually write?

Let me tell you why:

-You can feel someone's soul on a letter they write. It's such a personal act that it can actually feel like they are there with you. 

-It's how people used to communicate. 

-It's well worth the time to make someone you love happy. 

My challenge to you is to take the time to write someone you love a handwritten letter and send it to them! 

Or even go so far as to write a letter to a stranger. Leave small hand written notes around for strangers to find them. Sometimes I leave notes in the gym, in library books, or sitting on shelves at stores. My hope is that the person who finds them gets a nice little surprise that will make them smile. 

Go even further by taking a look at The World Needs More Love Letters, a movement dedicated to making more love letters available to those who could use a boost. You can get involved by subscribing to their email list, where you will receive request from people needing love. All you do is write and send.