Monday, September 9, 2013

Thank-You New Car

I got myself a new car and this post is full of thank-yous. I was able to get a flex day off of work so I could spend the entire day, inside of business hours, going through the process of buying a car. 

I took two different cars that I was deciding between to my mechanic to make sure that they were in good working order. The first car, a Toyota Matrix, was one that I had been in love with for months. On my first test drive I loved the car and wished I could own it. However, on the morning of my second test drive I wasn't as happy with it as I had been before. My mechanic found a very nondescript leak that was giving him worry. His worry transferred to me and I wasn't sure I could buy it without being nervous. 

I next drove the second car I was thinking about to Mark, a Chevy Malibu Maxx. Just like with the Matrix my feelings had flip-flopped about this car. I liked it much better the second time I test drove it. This time Mark gave it a clean bill of health, he said he wouldn't be nervous about buying this car and sent me on my way with his blessing. 

When I got back to the dealer the process went pretty quick. I got my loan and car insurance taken care of from right at the dealer, by calling my credit union and insurance company on the spot. Before too long I was a new owner of a Chevy Malibu Maxx. 

I'm very excited about my new car. It's very comfortable and has some cool features I haven't had in a car before. I'm happy that I can put my bike in the back easily and hopefully someday put a kayak in it. The car doesn't look to shabby either! 
I said this post would be full of thank-yous and I'm usually true to my word. 

-I'm thankful that I am fortunate enough to have the income to afford a car payment. I know that not everyone is this fortunate so I thank God often that I am able to afford a car. 

-I'm thankful that I enjoyed driving three other cars in my life, all payment free, thanks to my dad who's always taken care of me. 

-I'm thankful to everyone who supported me while making this scary decision and who helped me during my car buying experience. 

-I'm thankful that this experience is now complete! Now I won't ever have to have the first time car buyer jitters again!