Monday, August 12, 2013

Life List Item # 11-Ride in a Racecar with a Professional Driver

Checking off number 11 also meant I had the privilege of reconnecting with some old friends that date back to middle school. Thanks to my friends Chris Gibson and Greg Carter I can now say I sped around the track of Michigan International Speedway at at top speed of 150 and banked around turns that glued me firmly to my seat. For four glorious laps I sat strapped to this death machine, mere feet from the walk, holding on for the ride of my life.

I contacted Chris and Greg, who are employees of Mach1 Racing Schools, when I was trying to round up donations for the Girl Scouts live auction. The two were more than happy to present us with a three lap ride to auction off and I was so happy to have been of help for the auction. 

The winner of the ride was Monica, a grant proposal specialist for Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan. She won the bidding war for her dad, a life long racing fan.  As I had never been to MIS before and eager to get in on the fun, I accompanied Monica and her father to the track the day of this scheduled ride. Chris and Greg were generous enough to let me have a ride too!

Donning the racing suit, gloves, and helmet, really puts you in the mood to go fast! As you are cradled and strapped in like a baby your heart is pumping and your adrenaline is surging. What is it going to feel like to zip out of the pit area and onto the track?
As you take off along the straightaway of pit row, climbing up to top speed, the first corner hits you. You're stuck to your seat like glue and good luck trying to lift your head. You can't help but laugh at the fun your having when you know you're hitting top racing speeds. As you flirt closer and closer to the wall the only communication taking place between you and the driver is thumbs up. Thumbs up all the way. 

When you skirt back into pit row and your feet are firmly planted back on solid earth you can't help but have a big grin across your face. Your body is all shaken up from the intense vibrations that the car was making beneath you. You find it hard to forget the sound of speed. 
Everyone I encountered at Mach1 Racing Schools was generous and kind. Check out their website for their many options of ride and driving programs. Even test your skills in their Pit Crew Challenge

A special thanks to my friends for taking such good care of me a treating me like a racing princess!