Thursday, August 15, 2013

It All Started With Two Brothers...

Two brothers...three sisters...and a lot of procreation later. This is what you get.  

Because of them, their decedents-six generations of them, partied hard this past Saturday night. 

The Lefere Family Reunion, calling all Lefere blood from the entire country, was a huge success. After six long years coming, over 500 of us drank beer, ate food, and danced the night away. After six years it's fun to walk around catching up with old faces and making connections with new ones. 

I may be bias, but some of the cutest kids in the world were present at this reunion. All donning little Gathering of the Clan buffalo t-shirts. 

A photo booth,

A dunk tank,

and a dance floor...
...all make for a  lot's of fun with a lot of fun people. I like to think of what Vincent and Alidor would think if they could see us now. Two brothers came to America from Belgium. They built a shop that is still thriving today and they built a family of epic proportions who will never let them be forgotten.