Wednesday, July 3, 2013

You Know You're 27 When...

You know you're 27 years old when...

-you are at a wedding of one of your best friends and you are surrounded by the people who have known you since you were just 13. 

-you are surrounded by the many sets of parents who have loved and cared for you since you were too young to drive.

-you feel like yourself without even trying. When you can say out loud whatever you want.
-the first song you request of the DJ is one of the songs that you heard in your very first concert. 

-you can squeeze six of the best friends in the world into a small photo booth and still find room for everyone.

-you can dance in a soft dress, wearing no bra or shoes, and flip your hair around like it's blowing in the wind. 

-you can sing a song at the top of your lungs but still not be heard above all others singing around you. 

-you have moments that make you feel like you are back at your senior prom. 

-you couldn't be happier to be sitting at "the kids table".

-you know you're 27, you know how wonderful it is, and you hold onto it.