Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tip Tuesday: Reduce Your Trash

When I take the time to think about all of our trash, where it goes, and what it's doing to our Earth I am encouraged to think about the ways I can reduce the amount I contribute. We live in a disposable society. Disposable plates, napkins, razors, packaging-the list goes on. There is so much waste we can be reducing by taking some simple steps to leave behind a bit of convenience for the sake of a cleaner world.  

Here are some tips for you:

1. Use reusable water bottles and coffee mugs when you buy from a coffee shop instead of plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups. 
2. Use saved bread bags for the plastic bags that you put produce in at the grocery store. 
3. Use reusable cloth grocery bags. 
4. Consider using bar soap, or solid shampoo bars. I do this and it reduces the plastic bottles I have to buy shower products in. There are many bar soaps out there that are very moisturizing and are very good for your skin.
5. Stop using, or at least reduce using, paper products at home. Paper towels, plates, utensils. I know these are made for convenience but think twice when you reach for a paper towel or plate. When I lived in Morocco I never had these things so I got used to living without them! When I ate a meal-sometimes with my hands-I just got used to waiting and washing my hands immediately after eating. 
6. Be mindful of how much toilet paper you use. How much do you really need?
7. Reduce the amount of small plastic baggies you use. I keep various sized plastic containers to use to take a variety of lunch items to work. You can find a reusable container for just about everything you want to take with you.
8. Stop your junk mail. You can add your address yo the National Do Not Mail List.  Help keep the mail out of your garbage or recycle bin. 

Those are my tips. Please leave me any comments if you have other ways to reduce your trash!