Monday, July 8, 2013

Animal Tender Extraordinare

13 goats, 11 sheep, eight turkeys, 24 chickens, and four little cats to be exact. 

You may remember the things I've done with the Richards on their sheep farm. Back in March when I was present for the shearing of their sheep I met their friend Robyn who told me that she raises goats at her nearby farm. She asked me if I had any experience with them and my response was "no, but I wouldn't mind getting some." 

Much time went by until now when she asked me if I would be willing and able to take care of her goats and chickens over the weekend of Independence Day. As I hadn't made any other plans for myself I decided that it would be a fun and unique experience so I agreed. 

Days before their departure I got the full walk through of what I was going to be doing for the animals while their parents were gone. Twice a day I was to feed the goats their meals of grains and hay and make sure they were securely locked into their pens and night. 

Now seems like a good time to add that the Richards had also made plans for their holiday weekend. Seeing as the two farms are only about five minutes drive from each other when I was asked to look after the sheep as well I figured "why not?"

I survived my four day stint as a goat/chicken/turkey/sheep farmer. I got mauled more than a few times by some hungry goats but there was no harm done. 
Feeding time for goats
Here you go chickens
Crazy turkeys
Going to bed for the night

Let me just fill you in on my random observances:

1. Chickens are absolutely hilarious. They roam around clucking like they have so many important things to say. Such drama queens...They also stand around and kick dirt around, what they are digging for I have no clue. When it's time to go to bed at night they each slowly take their time climbing their ladder to their coop. 

2. Turkey's are ungodly stubborn. When it comes time for them to go in for the night they sure do take their time. They don't like to go indoors until it's very dark out. And they sure do dawdle while doing it. They like to fake you out by bobbing their head in the door but turn around and leave again. They aren't scared of you at all and they wouldn't herd if their life depended on it. 

3. Goats are extremely curious animals and they are like teenage boys in the fact that they live to eat.

4. Taking eggs out from underneath a chickens behind is a surprisingly pleasant task. It's very toasty under there. 

5. I have never taken more showers in a four day period in my life. Farm work is hot, sticky, dirty and  smells like a farm. It sure felt good to be clean after that.