Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tip Tuesday

Five uses for milk-thanks again First Magazine:

1. Soothe poison-ivy itch by placing a cloth soaked in whole milk on the affected area for 10 minutes then rinse with warm water. The compounds in milk soothe irritated skin and calm inflammation.

2. Remove ink stains from leather by blotting the area with a cloth saturated in milk. Enzymes in the milk will break down the ink so you can wipe the mark off with a clean cloth.

3. Soothe a burned mouth. If you find yourself digging into that pizza or hot soup before its cool enough to eat drink a glass of cold milk, or just swish it in your mouth. The cold liquid will soothe the scorched spot on contact and the proteins in the milk will coat the sore, protecting it from further injury.

4. Boost the flavor of frozen fish. Fish from the freezer isn't known for having that catch-of-the-day flavor but in can with some help from milk. Place the fish in a bowl of milk in the refrigerator as it thaws. The protein rich dairy seeps into the fillets and loosens the cellular bonds in the fish for a fresher flavor.

5. Make corn on the cob more tender by adding a splash of milk and an pinch of sugar to the cooking water. Milk's lactose will help soften the kernels and the sugar enhances the corns natural sweetness.